Helping the Community, Inc. is involved in many different programs that help those in need.

  1. A partnership with the Battle Creek health system
  2. Furniture program for families and individuals in need.
  3. Food Bank and resource member agencies of the Calhoun County for families in need of nutritional food.
  4. Partnership with the John Seita Scholar Program so that we can give a foster youth a chance for a better future.
  5. Working with KPEP to help train and work with indiciduals to re-enter into the workforce with skills such as plumbing, electrical, plastering, carpenty,r masonry, and many other entry level skills.
  6. Partnership with Charitable Union to help with the drop-off once a month with the overflow of clothes and household items.
  7. Helping the community's Emergency Housing Program, a 52-week program that allows time for a family or individual to establish themselves back in the mainstream of our communities. Using this program they are able to find work and feel comfortable in a clean and safe environment.


These are some of the properties that Helping the Community, Inc. has used for their programs: